Monday, October 17, 2011

cake + cake + more cake!

ok so, i am a little frustrated right now because i can't figure out how to make instagram photos a normal size, but i'm not gonna let it get to me and i'm just going to continue with my post. i will gladly accept any advice on how to do this, so i won't be frustrated with future post. enough said about my frustration, let's move on to the celebrations and cake. this past weekend my baby girl turned 7! yes, 7! we had a full weekend and as you know from my post title it included a lot of cake. take a look...

celebration #1

friday night we went out to vietnamese food with the mister's family. my girl loves vietnamese food, so this was her choice for her birthday dinner. she's wearing her birthday beanie from grandma.
next door to the restaurant is a really tasty chinese bakery where she picked out this vanilla cake.

both of my kiddo's enjoyed spending time with their cousins and this little fella was having a blast playing video games on the computer. my goodness, my kid is loud when he plays video games.

celebration #2

saturday morning consisted of making a rainbow cake for the nights celebration with my family

i made the cake topper last minute, just to spruce it up a bit. a little bit of felt, a dowel cut in half, some buttons, string and a glue gun made it look pretty cute.

it was a success! there was a rainbow in there!

more cousins to celebrate with

and more lalaloopsy's to add to her collection

this is the face my girl makes if you call her lalaloopsy's lalapoopsy's. let's just say, she doesn't like it!

celebration #3

more cake for my girls ballet friends. she had to take photo's for her nutcracker performance, so we decided to bring cupcakes to share with her fellow angels. after that we went to a friends birthday party where we ate more cake + cookies + candy.

we were full of sugar and everything sweet this weekend. speaking of sweet check out this sweetness from my little fella...

isn't that just the sweetest thing you ever heard?


Maria said...

love her! those dolls are sooooo cute...and the cake turned out amazing!

Greta said...

OK, the cake is AWESOME!!!
The topper is AWESOME!!!
And Garrett is so stinking cute!!
You are pretty AWESOME too!
Love from,


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