Monday, August 29, 2011

what he's wearing

much to the mister and my dismay, this little fella is obsessed with sports. not one sport in particular, but all of them. which is funny because the only sport that happens in our home is surfing. seriously, the mister doesn't play sports and he certainly doesn't watch them on t.v. let's put it this way the first baseball game he went to was with me like two years after we were married, which he hated because 1) he lost his favorite pair of sunglasses there and 2) it was boring as heck. he knows nothing about football, and if you told him there was a goalie in basketball he would probably believe you. i'm not telling you this to insult my mister. no, never. it's what i love about him. i love that he would rather go to the beach on the weekend, than stay at home to watch the game on t.v. i love that i don't have to buy him clothes plastered with his favorite sports team. i love that he is NOT a sports lover. but, his son, that's a different story. somewhere, somehow we got a sports fan on our team. i don't know where he came from or what we are going to do about it, but this kiddo is all about sports. so much so, that he thinks his jammies (an over sized bob's big boy t-shirt and a pair baby gap pj bottoms) are a football uniform. oh (sigh), let's play ball!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

i promise (to cut or not to cut)

i'm still having issues with my little fella and his hairstyle. if you don't remember my first post "to cut or not to cut?", you can read it here. like i said before, it's really just that i can't get him to sit still to give him a decent cut and though i have decided that i like his hair a little longer this is what i've come up with...

james taylor - long hair looks cool on him

garebear - not too far off from looking like a mini james taylor.

but, then as we were walking around the fair the other day i spotted this little guy and i made myself this promise...

i promise that i will never, ever let garebear's hair get this long. (even though this little boy has gorgeous red hair, you gotta draw the line somewhere)

Friday, August 12, 2011

euroslide day + night + photo booth

my girls favorite ride at the fair is the euroslide. she rode it 6 times in all this year. she participated in the fairs reading program which gave her 3 free rides for every two books she read. we went to the fair twice this year (here, here and here) thus ending up with 6 free rides all spent on the euroslide. i am thinking it would be fun to make a flip book out of these photos maybe it will be one of our handicrafts this year for homeschool. she also took her first solo photo's in the photo booth this year. they turned out really cute almost as cute as watching her in the booth and waiting for them to come.

euroslide day

euroslide night

photo booth


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