Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a homemade birthday party

our little fella turned two today. our usual birthday routine is to head to disneyland and spend the day with our family. that was my intention for this day, but when i woke up i felt like just having a low key day enjoying our boy. we started the day off with a pancake breakfast from mickey d's, which according to my girl is his favorite restaurant. we then just took it easy and hung out in the backyard. it was fun and we were all enjoying ourselves, but then all of a sudden i felt like we needed to do more. so the little miss helped me prepare a homemade birthday party for the little fella. here's what she came up with...

first, make cupcakes

second, wrap your homemade gift

third, balloons make every party

they played while i blew up 25 balloons

and last but not least decorations

now it's time to party

unwrap the homemade gift

which happened to be his favorite present

and blow out your candles.
don't forget to make a wish!

happy birthday to our favorite little boy in the whole wide world.
we love you more than you'll ever know.


a look into the life with a six year old and her little brother.