Thursday, July 15, 2010

avery in wonderland

little miss avery attended a very, merry un-birthday- birthday party this past
weekend and met two very special guests. it was a super cute party and these two
kept all the kiddo's entertained, especially alice. she was great. she played
hide-and-seek, tag, fed the fish, toured the playroom and the girls bedroom and
pretty much did whatever the kiddo's wanted her to do. the mad hatter was
great too. though most of the kiddo's were afraid of him, he stayed in character
and kept the adults entertained while putting together a tea party.
it was a great party. here are some of my favorite pics...

all of the kiddo's were super excited for this arrival

this was so cool the mad hatter came walking down the street

and then came alice...

avery was in awe

alice was wondering if avery was part of the queen's court

sweet moments

the mad hatter

this is as close as avery would get to the mad hatter

she drank two of the "drink me" drinks and was
convinced that she was getting bigger

alice feeding the fish with girls

i just thought this was a funny picture of avery

and every party has to come to an end so avery says good-bye to alice

but, she will see her again. according to avery, alice
will be at her birthday party.
hmmm.... we'll see, maybe!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

my ballerina girl

little miss avery had her second dance recital this past week.
here are a few of my favorite photos and the video...
(to see more of my favorite photos go here)

and now presenting little miss in the french can, can...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

my girls peanut butter+chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies = good, right? peanut butter+chocolate chip cookies = even better! well, that was exactly what little miss avery had in mind the other day for our kitchen day. she wanted to bake cookies for her daddy, who wasn't feeling to well, so that's what we did. here's how we got started...

our ingredients -
we followed the basic recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag

grinding salt- usually we use table salt, but i thought i would let
her have the experience of grinding her own

add our special ingredient (1 cup or a few spoonfuls of peanut butter) and stir it up

place these little treasures on the cookie sheet and bake according to instructions

final result= hot+fresh+tasty peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

package them up and give them to someone you care about. as you can tell this little miss was pretty proud of herself, as was i. she completed this task from start to finish with little help from me. she measured, mixed and scooped until the very last cookie. good job little miss avery!


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