Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my girl ice skates

last week my girl was invited to an ice skating party.she was super excited. she had never been ice skating before, but she considered herself experienced because of all the ice skating she had done in her socks on the kitchen floor. so we suited her up in her snow overalls and jacket, got real ice skates on her and she was off. i was a total nervous wreck because i hate ice skating. when i was my girls age i went ice skating and had a bad experience and decided i hated it. so these were my fears: first, i couldn't be out there with her because i had my little fella with me. (like i would've done her any good out there anyway). second, i kept thinking she was going to fall and knock out her new two front teeth. third, i thought she was going to fall and someone would skate over her fingers. last, i thought she would end up out in the middle, flat on her back with the little walker thing they give beginners, caging her in because it was too slippery she couldn't get back up. (yes, the last thing is my bad experience and the reason i have never been ice skating again). but, you know what my girl is not me. she doesn't have all the same fears i do. she actually doesn't know what she can't do because the mister and i have always encouraged her to do things. we've never told her not to do something because it's hard, or she probably won't
like something because we think she won't. we let her try. we let her have her own experiences, and then she decides if it's too hard or whether or not she likes it.
and guess what folks, she likes it!
here's how it went...

first time on the ice

holding on, getting use to it

one of the mama's helping her out

and she's off! in the middle! not flat on her back!
way to go my girl, you make mama so proud!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tuesday nature day = amy's farm + miguels jr.

i have to say i love, love, love our nature days. i love to get together with our awesome group, i love to visit with the moms, and i love our adventures. today we went to amy's farm which is about an hour out from us in ontario. it was such a fun day. the farm is small, but full of adventure and learning for the whole family. we were led on a guided tour by our own farmer, farmer heidi. i think what i heard was that she lives and works on the farm while raising and homeschooling three of her own kiddo's. that's rad! yah, i just said rad! because it is rad, so rad that we have been inspired to get our garden/mini farm started this weekend. if you are needing some inspiration to get yours started take a trip to amy's or just
take a look below at what we did...

we were welcomed

with beautiful views

the rules of the farm
1. plant you feet into the ground - no climbing
2. leave things you find on the ground on the ground
3. walking feet

newly hatched ladybugs

rows of organic veggies

a fresh picked carrot

organic brocolli that is unfortunately
being destroyed by a bug
that was brought here from africa
lesson learned = buy local
avoid introducing foreign bugs to our organic crops

each kiddo got to pick a leaf of swiss chard to feed to the chickens

a fine looking leaf

my little farmer girl

my little farmer boy

yeah, spring is on it's way

got milk?


all these kiddo's were eager to milk this mama cow

my little miss reached right in

and got some milk

the little fella wanted to hide from this experience

i should have too because i just couldn't get any milk out of her.

these little fellas talking over the sheep

there was a horse too- he ate the carrot from above

we got to groom this little horse named crystal

something we found on the ground - toenail clippings from the horses
thank goodness for rule #2 because the little miss wanted to take this home

my cool cat

and don't forget this cool cat

this my friends is not from the farm, but from a restaurant nearby called miguels jr. which happens to have the best darn bean, rice, cheese, and guacamole burrito's around. so, of course we made on stop on our way home.


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