Tuesday, September 27, 2011

home schooling is cool: LA county fair + beach

i know some of you may not agree with me, but home schooling is cool. let me tell you why. home schooling is cool because we are just now starting our fourth week and we have already been to a handful of super rad places. we've visited the LA county fair, been on a couple of fun hikes, visited the natural history museum and an apple orchard. take a look at our trip to the fair and one of our beach hikes...

the fair

this little fella loved the building full of collections (aka cars) and spent a lot of time drooling over them.

but, the dinosaur exhibit...that's another story.

he did not like it and pretty much latched onto the mister through the whole thing.

i'm not kidding when i say latched. look at the grip around the mister's neck.

however, these two little girls were not afraid one bit.

my little miss even got to go on stage to identify a real dinosaur bone.

they dressed up as knights.

of course, this was on the mister's watch because my germ-a-phobic tendencies would not have allowed them to put on those hats.

first thing i thought of when i saw them dressed up was lice. yes, i am a germ-a-phobe! thankfully, my kiddo's came home lice free and the mister was spared.

woods beach

we walked through a cool tunnel

climbed up on the rocks

made necklaces out of sea grass and cool shells

jumped off of rocks

and played in the shore break.

i love these little adventures because it just makes reading, writing and arithmetic a little more bearable throughout our week.

cool right? stay tuned and i will show you some of the other fun places we have been to real soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

gare: two photo sequences

I love this kid. just look at these pictures, you'll see why...

sequence one: la county fair - "cars collection"

sequence two: woods beach

see, i mean really how could i not love this little fella? he's just too darn cute!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

nutcracker 2011

this little ballerina was just casted as an angel in the 2011 production of the nutcracker. this will be her second year performing in the nutcracker and we are so proud of her.

she glows on and

off the stage
have fun my little miss and you truly are my angel.
love, mama


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