Saturday, July 16, 2011

the little tiny tugboat

if you are not already in love with my girl, you will be after this story. she wrote this story yesterday on a whim. she sat at the computer with the mister and dictated this story to him. then they printed it out and she did all the illustrations. when i read it i was truly amazed that this came from my little girl.

The Little Tiny Tugboat

once upon a time there was a little tiny tugboat. he wasn't a passenger one. he was a fisher one. every big boat that had passengers on them laughed at him because he was so little. he was so sad he decided to run away from the ocean. he went to a mouse boat. and the mouse's boat laughed and laughed at him. he said, "you're so big, ha, ha, ha."

then, the little tugboat went on and on. a big passenger boat came in and he laughed. "ha, ha, ha, you're so little."

then, a really, really, big boat came in and he said, "ha, ha, ha, you're so, so, so, so, so little. and the little tugboat said, "i don't care, I like the shape i am. and i don't care if i'm really, really big or small. and that's all."
the end

my girl is 6 and i know i've said it before, she's amazing. i love her so much. she's so smart and creative. i love being her mom.

Friday, July 15, 2011

to cut or not to cut?

garebear a few months ago with short hair

garebear now with long hair

so, the question is should i cut it or leave it longer? i've let it get this long out of fear. fear that he's going to throw a huge tantrum if i even try to get scissors next to his head. (he's been known to do that in the past) i dare not even take him to the hairstylist because he would probably end up attacking her/him. so, it's long and i think it looks cute, but it's hot and he has a lot of hair that sometimes makes him hot and miserable. what to do, what to do? you tell me, what a ya think, to cut or not to cut?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer fun + learning french

why is it that summer just flies by? i can't believe how fast it's going, but we are having fun and checking things off of our summer list. one of things we have been enjoying is my girl's french class. she goes once a week, for and hour and a half and comes home with new vocabulary each week. the first day she came home she spoke french all day. (note: it was avery french, not real french, but at least she was trying.) by week two and three she was asking me for things in french, which always makes a mama feel good, knowing the money we are spending for these lessons are actually working. two of her big sayings were, "de l'eau", which means water and "qu'est-ce que vous voulez?" which means "what would you like?" we also have checked out a couple of french books from the library to help us a long the way. i am saying "us and we" because i do not know a lick of french or any foreign language for the matter, so i am learning through her and with her and it's fun. the pics below are from her first day at french class...

for those of you that know my girl, you know she is very enthusiastic about the things she does, so she dressed for the occasion with her pink beret and french braids. she also wanted to bring one of our french books from home to share and i wish i had her turn the book around because it would've made the pic so much better. it's titled, a trip to paris.

this french class they played restaurant and used the vocabulary words they learned as they played.

their snack and restaurant food.

she kept her beret on for the whole class. my little frenchie.

after class, all of the kids ran for the dirt lot in the back to play various games (not in french), but maybe that will come with time.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

dear son

dear son,

can you please stop waking up at 4:00 in the morning, so when it's 9:00 in the morning you will not be asleep on the couch.

with much love,
your sleep deprived mama


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