Monday, January 24, 2011

lunch at bob's

i don't know about you, but bob's big boy was one of my favorite places to go when i was a kiddo. my family would go there for burgers and hot fudge sundaes. i think my favorite part was climbing all over the bob statue out front. after all i am a sucker for red + white check overalls. when they closed most of them down, i have to admit i was a little bummed. but, recently bob has been making a comeback and he's not too far away. so after a few failed attempts of activities (read more about that here) on martin luther king day we headed over to bob's for lunch.
here's how it went...

we went with the cousins

gotta love a good old fashion diner

look at all those brown eyes

the mister got to come with us

french fries

the little fella had fun watching
all the cars pass by on the busy street

of course we couldn't get through it
without one of the kiddo's moping

it was a serious mope

but then she quickly snapped out of it when...

her strawberry sundae came

and they wanted their sundaes too

this is how the little fella asks for ice cream.
nice huh?

so many choices

but, the hot fudge sundae always wins.
it was good too, can't you tell?

all in all bob's is not as good as i remember it, but it's more for the experience than the food. check one out if you get a chance.

i don't know if you remember, but my little fella was bob for halloween. here's a fun little sequence of him trying to get use to his costume...

he really hated the pants, but quickly got over it when
he saw our neighbor with a big bowl of candy.
that's my little fella for ya!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


these boots were made for exploring and that's just what they did on our tuesday nature study with our homeschool group. it's been rainy a lot here in, so when we visited the san joaquin wildlife preserve in irvine most of our kiddo's sported their rain boots. they came in handy (or footsy just to be corny) because there was lots of mud puddles to walk through, wade through, and stomp through. that's just what we did and as we were hiking along the kiddo's found some bones in the bushes that just so happen to be one of the highlights of the day. the kiddo's were so excited about this find that i braved the bushes, grabbed a plastic bag and dragged the bones up to the path so we could get a better look at them. turns out the bones were an intact fish skeleton. it was pretty cool. there were lots of ideas about were it came from, what it was, how it got there, and lots of poking and prodding with sticks to look at it from all angles. take a look at where and what our boots explored last tuesday...


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