Wednesday, April 20, 2011

backyard talent show

this past weekend we held a talent show in our backyard with our home school friends. it was so much fun i think we will make it an annual event. our group consist of kiddo's in the age range of brand new - 7 years old and i will have to say they are a pretty talented bunch. we had singing, baseball catching, knock-knock jokes, poems recited, MAGIC, piano playing and much, much more. as a parent i was concerned that maybe the kiddo's would be nervous to come up and share their talent, and of course their was a few. but, the majority of our group came right up. some of them even shared a few of their talents. basically we couldn't get them off of the stage (the mister rigged up a tiny stage for them to use). like i said before it was such a fun day and i am so thankful to be a part of such an awesome, talented home school group. here's what we did to set the "stage"...

microphones for each kiddo

hand clappers to applaud our friends

popcorn the ultimate entertainment food

the little miss played ring around the rosie using spoons

all of our talented kiddo's were awarded a super star ribbon

our awesome audience

we got popsicles and a had a...

dance party after the show

can't wait for next years show!

Monday, April 11, 2011

a look back

i came across these photos this morning. my little fella's curls and then his first haircut. i remember how hard it was for me to cut off those curls. i held out longer than i ever thought i would. looking back i can see why i waited so long. they are so cute. i kind of miss them, but he sure his handsome with a big boy haircut...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

to the snow avery

my girl avery has been asking to go to the snow since 2009. she has only been to the snow once and that was when she was one. she doesn't remember it either. as you know life goes on and for some reason or another we haven't been able to make it up the mountain until this past week. of course, we picked the hottest day of the season to go, but it actually was really nice up there. there wasn't much snow, but enough for the kiddo's to play and get a feel for it. and we didn't have to get all bundled up in snow gear, which was nice. so, after many "are we there yet" from the little miss and thankfully a nap from the little fella we arrived.
take a look...

first things first: a snowball fight (me not included, have i told you i don't really like the snow either?)

my little fella was not afraid to get in on the action
i think this is my favorite photo from the day

my girl makes the biggest snowball
hopefully none of that snow was yellow (that fire hydrant makes me think it's possible)

second: we built a snowman or tried at least

these two photo's (above + below) might just be my favorites from the day too

third: off to find a hill with more snow

for sledding of course

we all took a few turns ( even me the one who doesn't like the snow)

we had lots of laughs and lots of fun, but as the old saying goes laughing leads to crying, which in our case usually comes true

my girl was stuck in the snow not able to go any further (not really - she was just being dramatic)

and this one, well it's just what he does!

that's our day in the snow. we didn't miss it this year. in fact i heard it's supposed to snow again this weekend. so, for those of you who haven't made it up there and are wanting to, it's not too late. to the snow friends!

Monday, April 4, 2011

what they looked like a year ago today

yesterday when i was perusing through my pictures on our laptop, i came across photos from last easter, which just so happened to be on 4/4 last year. i can't believe how much my kiddo's have grown. their hair is longer or shorter, baby teeth have come in or been replaced by permanent teeth, they both are a little taller, and two shoe sizes bigger, one talks more than he did last year, and one can and is still learning to read. needless to say a lot can happen in a year. when you have little ones it seems that time goes by too fast. they're growing right before our eyes and sometimes we don't even realize it until your flipping through old photos on your computer. take a look...

last year

this year

last year

this year

the pics from this year are from our visit to the snow, i'll post more about that tomorrow. until then friends, hope you enjoy your monday.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

tuesday nature day = gum grove

we are always looking forward to our tuesday's around here because it's the day we meet with our home school group. it's our nature day. we love meeting with our friends and exploring nature, so it usually turns out to be a really neat and fun day. because it has been such a rainy season we have had to make some changes in our adventure locations. one of our favorite "go to" spots is gum grove. the kiddo's never tire of this spot. they always find a way to entertain themselves. take a look...

heading up the hill to take the "high road"

running to me

or away from me

making shelter with some branches and a fallen tree

skinning our knees

collecting a lot of little balls

discovering a dead rabbit on the path

walking through the nasturtiums

and then collecting a bouquet

and finally a nap at the end of the day


a look into the life with a six year old and her little brother.