Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my girl in the nutcracker

little miss avery just landed her first role in the ballet, the nutcracker.
she will be appearing as one of the little lambs. we can't wait and we
are so excited for her. more pictures to come in december...

doin the laundry

kindergarten couldn't be better. little miss avery enjoyed a day living life
as an apple farmer at a nearby orchard called riley's apple farm.
amongst other fun activities, one of the things she got do was the
laundry. she did it all from pumping the water to get started to
hanging her apron on the clothes line to dry.
here are some pics of her from start to finish...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

my girl's a kindergartener

my girl avery started kindergarten last tuesday. we home school and
we met with our nature group for the first day of "school".
here's how it went...

awww... the kindergartner

reciting our monthly poem
(already a star student)


hanging from the bars
she called this the opossum

her first kindergarten wound
she got this swinging from a tree branch

to see more of my girls day you can go here.
happy school year from our school to yours.

by florence hoatson

yellow the bracken
golden the sheaves
rosy the apples
crimson the leaves
mist on the hillside
clouds grey and white
autumn, good morning!
summer, good night!


a look into the life with a six year old and her little brother.