Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my girl's 7th birthday: lalaloopsy style!

my girl turned 7 last month and to celebrate her 7th year we celebrated lalaloopsy style. as you may know my girl is lalaloopsy crazed right now. everything is or has to be lalaloopsy. when thinking of her 7th birthday party she of course came up with a lalaloopsy party. both of our brains started rolling with ideas and together we came up with one cute party, which i have to say was one of our best parties yet. there's really not much out there for throwing a lalaloopsy party, so we pretty much winged it and just put together things we liked. we knew we wanted the games to be based off of different lalaloopsy characters and that we would be using lots of stripes and polka-dots to create a whimsical atmosphere. here's how it went...

we went for a whimsical carnival theme, so we used yellow (of course), pink, aqua and orange as our colors. thankfully i like all of those colors and most of the items i had on hand.

we strung a fabric pendant banner that i made across the yard to set the mood for our theme.

we also made this striped yellow back drop. i love stripes, i love yellow, so we really couldn't go wrong with this. plus, this was the set for our photo booth. the mister took 2 canvas drop cloths and the cheapest yellow paint we could buy and made this idea come to life.

for all of the sweet treats we used this antique armoire as "crumb sugar cookie's sugar shack". inside we identified each sweet treat with a specific lalaloopsy character. to see more details on this you can go here.

we lined the walkways with polka-dot balloons that i found at target.

originally avery wanted a rainbow cake (which i made for her here), but changed her mind last minute and decided on cupcakes. the cupcake liners and toppers are from martha stewart.

we used lalaloopsys as decorations on the table and in the "sugar shack".

for party favors i wanted to give something special and homemade, so when i ran across these pendants (here and here) i knew they would be the perfect party favor.

each one was personalized with each girls initial.

we also found lalaloopsy pencil toppers. we gave each girl 2 pencils with toppers and a polka-dot envelope filled with note cards, wrapped in a clear bag and tied with rick-rack.

we displayed them in this treasure chest (for patch treasure chest) which was actually from my girls 4th peter pan birthday. the mister made this too.

lollipop flower pot representing blossom flower pot

dots candy to represent dot starlight

when each girl arrived they were given a bucket to decorate and later filled with all their sweet treats and goodies to take home.

they worked out perfectly.

we had pink bows and spray hair color to make each guest look like their favorite lalaloopsy.

we played old fashion games that we got from an old vintage book (i think i might blog about it later).
we did egg races and who can clip 5 clothes pins the fastest, for sunny side up

a paper fish and string game for marina anchors

we made wishes and ate cake

drank lemonade from yellow stripe cups

and took pictures at the photo booth (more pics coming soon)

me and my girl make a good party team

another year under our belt!

p.s. if you would like to see my inspiration for this party click here.
just in case you wanted to know what the invitation looked like, this is it. i love the way stiching on paper looks and pretty pleased with how it came out.


Greta said...

This might be the cutest party I have ever seen.
You are amazing Christina!
So, so many fabulous details.
Can you throw me a birthday party?
Love from,

Kelli said...

Thank you for posting. This is great. I love the bucket decorating idea for all thier goodies.

Kelli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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