Wednesday, October 27, 2010

it's my party

this is party number 6 for my girl avery. it's seems like just yesterday i was throwing her her first birthday party and again i am reminded of how fast time goes by. now as we celebrate 6, my girl has an input of who, what and how she wants her party. this year she decided to have a gnome party. i thought it was an excellent idea and with both of our creative juices flowing, we came up with a pretty fun, cute bash. i took care of the decorations and she planned the activities. inspired by one of our favorite movies the gnome mobile little miss avery thought that bubbles and a gnome hunt should be involved, as well as inviting our favorite balloon artist. so, that's exactly what we did. i got out the bubble machine, found some bug catching nets at the "aloha" dollar store and the kiddo's had a blast catching bubbles with their nets. the gnome hunt involved a little more planning than that. i decided that it would be best if i made up some clues (6 to be exact, after all that is how old the birthday girl is) and sent the kiddo's on a scavenger hunt. the clues led them to the slide, the drinking fountain, the park bench and so on until they ended up finding the gnome hiding in a tree. this was a big hit. all of the kiddo's were super excited for the next clue and where it would take them. at the end of the hunt we headed back to celebrate their victory and my girl by singing happy birthday and eating cake. throughout the party our balloon artist was busy taking and filling orders for some very patient kiddo's. we ended our party with my girl opening her gifts, a practice i think that has been looked at as a time consuming task, but one i believe is important. i don't want my girl to take these items for granted. i want her to know that somebody spent time picking this gift for her and i think she should acknowledge that with a face to face thank you. plus, the kiddo's get really excited for their gift to be opened. it was time consuming, but well worth it. thanks to all of our friends and family who helped my girl avery celebrate her 6th birthday...





running + gnome hunting


lets eat cake

don't forget the presents

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